Smithey Ironware Co.

I feel great about being a tennant here.  You’re going to have partners here that look for solutions for you.

Isaac Morton

Founder, Smithey Ironware Co.

Tenant Member Since: 2018

Location:  Building 43A

Sq Footage:  5,000

I started Smithey with some simple thoughts about what constitutes a piece of premium cast iron cookware. Surface smoothness, weight, wall angle, handles, and pour-spout dimensions dance around in my noggin more than I care to admit. These elements (and more) are important for you to appreciate a first-rate piece of cookware. At Smithey, we deliver on this commitment. Our goal is to be first in mind when you think of premium cast iron.



1670 Drydock Avenue, Suite 100,
North Charleston, SC 29405

Navy Yard Industrial Campus